Thursday, October 8, 2020 at 6:00 PM

Selected illustrations from the book Bulbar Paramedic (How To Save Life And Become A Superhero)

About the book
Once after returning home from a night shift, a rescue worker from Prague Paramedic Rescue team decided to share his experiences from work with some friends on his Facebook page. Since that moment, he has put the stories out practically every week. It is almost impossible to read them without outbursts of laughing, tearing and subsequent feeling relief which comes at the end of the story, after one learns how to act correctly in the given situation.
But no, there is nothing funny about having an injury, accident or a sudden disease. By contrast, the situation might be confusing or terrifying, and it is not easy not to be in panic. And that is why this book was created. Its goal is not only to make the reader laugh, but also to teach how to quickly analyze a patient's state and act thoughtfully. To be able to use the time when every minute counts in order to save life.
In order to avoid describing just one departure to another, you will meet prominent figures from the medical and rescuing world, you will learn how live courses of first aid are held or how paramedic and firemen operate together.
The book is accompanied by illustrations of Vendula Chalánková.

Vendula Chalánková
alternates between Troubky nad Bečvou and Brno. In 2006, she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Studio of Environment, supervised by Vladimír Merta and Marian Palla. Her first solo exhibition took place in Kabinet múz in Brno, 2001. Up to now, her work has been hosted by galleries in her home country, in Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, England, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Japan. In 2006, she received the Josef Hlávka Award for talented students and in 2009, she was awarded the Golden Ribbon prize for her book Little Red Riding Hood (visual arts part for beginner readers). Vendula is represented in the collection of Prague National Gallery, Moravian Gallery in Brno, Marek Collection, in the Gallery of Fine Arts in Cheb, Museum of Art in Olomouc and Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna.