Sunday, October 11, 2020 at 12:00 PM

ROZ CREWS is a white American artist, educator, and writer whose practice explores the many ways that people around her exist in relationship to one another; how do we harm and support each other? Recent projects have examined the dominant strategies and methods of research enforced by academic institutions, schemes and scams of capitalism, and the ways authorship and labor are discussed in the context of contemporary art production. Her work manifests as publications, performances, conversations, essays, and exhibitions, and she exhibits it in traditional art spaces…but also in hotels, bars, college dorms, and river banks. Due to the financial impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, she recently moved home to Florida after living in Portland, Oregon for almost a decade, so she’s been reflecting on the role of rest and relaxation in her work. She received an MFA in Art & Social Practice from Portland State University (2017), and she holds a BA in Anthropology from New College of Florida (2012).

For her project in the festival, ROZ CREWShired a local person living in Brno to relax for an entire day. The person will take the day off work to enjoy slowing down and forgetting about work and earning money. Afterwards, Crews will illustrate the other person’s day of recreation and use the drawings to create a performance lecture video explaining the experience and reflecting on why relaxation and deep rest seem to be taboos within a hyper-capitalist, global society dedicated to production and exploitation.