Sunday, October 11, 2020 at 12:00 PM

Some kind of weird cloud collecting moments again and again from different places. Something like an echo disappearing into whispers and collecting in a corner. Little piles of moment.

Jesse’s physical body is located in Moscow, ID, USA. Everyday Jesse draws and sometimes leaves the house. His drawings involve the exploration of spaces just outside of this one.
Jesse really enjoys spending time with the ones that he loves. When he is outside he is walking.

Most of what Jesse does can be categorized under the broad medium of Sculpture ( with some varying degrees of specificity within ). He is published monthly in a handful of publications including TUMBLEWEIRD ZINE (Tri-Cities, WA) and The RUMBLE-LUMP (Moscow, ID). Jesse has also been published in SAD Magazine’s Nostalgia Issue in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Jesse runs RUMBLE-LUMP Comics ( a small publisher and artist resource center ) with his lovely family.

Exhibition Description:
For the last 29 years, on this plane of existence, Jesse Clyde has been exploring spaces and things just beyond the veil of this reality. A lot of this exploration has been lovingly recorded into a book called, “ONE DAY SHINY”. An ongoing work that will die with the artist because that is what the book is designed to do. The entirety of ONE DAY SHINY can be read to you by Jesse Clyde or seen in person over some warm beverages.

The book presented here is titled (See fig.1). A fragment broken free and floating ONE DAY SHINY :