Sunday, October 11, 2020 at 1:00 PM

Forget about detective stories from the North, the roughest stories take place in Gemer! Alias in Zóna, a secret area between Rimavská Sobota and London where the comic story has been placed by Daniel Majling, an author of cultic comics RUDO. Searching for mysteriously lost friend will proceed hand in hand with searching for the truth, meaning of life and man´s room in space. Add islamic terorism, secret government operations and black humor everywhere… and inteligent and provocative literature.

Daniel Majling (1980) a playwright and novelist was born in Revúca, Slovakia. He graduated at VŠMU, Bratislava. He has cooperated with Andrej Bagar theatre in Nitra, Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava, and Dejvické divadlo (theatre) in Prague. The Labyrint publishing house has produced his cultic comics RUDO (2014, Slovak 2019) awarded the Muriel prize in category the best translated comics of the year.